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Anchor Chains and Factors that Affect the Integrity of an Anchoring System

The fact that you have bought a boat can leave you speechless with excitement. It is possible that in a rush to buy one, you overlooked the idea of anchoring it. You need this if you are to dock safely, or go out to the waters. You need to have the right components for the anchoring system you shall get, such as the choice of the line. There are many kinds of boat anchor lines or chains in the market, each serving a specific purpose. Some are suited for large boats, while others are good for small boats. Then there are the heavy-duty ones that are used for ships. You need to make a point of shopping for the right one for your boat.
The size of your vessel is the first determining factor of which anchor chain you will buy. The size of the anchor goes hand in hand with the size of the boat. It follows that the chain attaching it will also be relatively smaller in size and weight. There are situations where it is best to have more than one anchoring system.
You need to then think of the weight of the boat. The anchor size matters when you think of the weight of the boat. The chain also has some weight that adds onto the anchor’s as one unit. You thus need to think of the total weight when deliberating which weight level is appropriate.
You can also opt to get more than one anchoring system, where you buy smaller sized anchors with thinner anchor chains. The boat will still be anchored just as well as if it was one large system. This also affords you some benefits. The boat shall manage to maintain the weight required for docking it adequately. You will not have such a large swing circle for the boat. This means that the boat will be stationary on either end when you pack it at the harbor.
You also need to think of the nature of water you shall be sailing in. The metal that makes up these chains may or may not react faster to salt water. The kind of water you shall be sailing most times in dictates the type of metal your chains shall be made of. You will notice for instance that stainless steel chains are not the best in salt water. The length of the chain is also affected by the depth of the water you shall be sailing in.
The strength of the metal in question is also a critical consideration. Those who is going to deep waters need chains made of the strongest metals. Weaker chains will not survive the strong undercurrents. The weight of the anchor has to be factored in also. The heavier the anchor, the stronger the chin should be.

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