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Benefits Of Whizzinator

A whizzinator is a device that has been created to look like the human urinary parts, and it can be used to hide fake urine whenever you are to undergo a urine test at work or before a major athletic event. The whizzinator was made by people who wanted to beat the urine test trap so that they can still have fun while away from work without the recreational drugs in their blood being recognized by the urine tests done. There are many advantages of using the whizzinator to give a fake urine sample to the team of doctors carrying out the urine tests especially after you have been attending parties and using recreational drugs in the near past.

First, the whizzinator is made to have a shape which makes it simple to fit in your clothes such that is does not have to look awkward when someone else looks from outside. When you wear the whizzinator, and there is nothing to show that you have something in your inner clothes, you can walk into the room where urine samples are taken confidently before passing the fake urine into the container without feeling guilty.

The second advantage is that the whizzinator has an extension which looks that the manhood and you can hold it with your hand and squeeze the tip for the fake urine to be forced into the container without raising any suspicion in the officers present. The fake manhood works in such a way that applying any pressure on it creates a situation where pressure is directed to the storage point where the fake urine is held so that it is made to exit and flow into the small container for collecting and testing.

Thirdly, there is a special storage place that is attached on the lower part of the whizzinator, and it provides the necessary conditions to keep the fake urine sample in the right condition until the time when the health officers can come for the samples. The storage place is designed in a way that makes it possible to keep the fake urine at a temperature that is similar to that of normal urine so that the people testing it cannot note that it is at a lower temperature than expected.

Lastly, using the whizzinator when taking a urine test ensures that you get negative results that show you have not been using any illegal drugs even if the reality is that you have used some recreational pills in the past because the fake urine gives the impression that you are clean. When you have used some drugs in a party, you can avoid getting caught at work by using the whizzinator so that you do not get sacked.

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